Bernoulli Blower - 1.01

The visitors observe how air moving at high speed has lower pressure than still air.

Gear Wheel Game - 1.02

Visitors are challenged to race each other and experiment with different combinations of gears.

Windmill Exhibit - 1.03

This exhibit illustrates basic aerodynamics.


In this game the visitors experience the principle of normal distribution.

The Same or Different - 1.05

Visitors experiment with different mass distribution and see how this influences the wheels’ speed on an inclined plane.

Rotating Chair - 1.06

This exhibit shows the strange, non-intuitive attributes of spinning gyros.

Rolling Upwards - 1.07

This exhibit shows that gravity pulls on the centre of mass of objects.

Rotating Disk - 1.08

In this exhibit the visitor can pick up one of the various disks in the bucket and gently place it on the rotating circular disk.

Catch them if you can - 1.09

This exhibit challenges the visitor catch all the sticks.

Zoo Trope - 1.10

In this exhibit the visitor can observe how the predecessor of modern film works.

Hydraulic Maze - 1.11

In this exhibit the visitor controls the movements of a platform with 2

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