Conducting Spiral - 07.14

This exhibit demonstrates electricity needs a closed circuit to move around.

This is the nerve racking, dexterity game in which visitors try to guide an iron loop over a curved metal tube without touching it. At some points thickenings are made of diverse materials as woods or metals. At the non-conducting materials visitor can rest their loop. Electricity needs a closed circuit to flow. That means that all the wires and appliances in a circuit need to be connected in a loop. The Conducting Spiral is an open circuit that closes when you touch the spiral with the ring. This open system consists of: the spiral that is connected to an electricity source on one side; the ring that is connected to the same source and a bell. When the ring touches the spiral the circuit is closed, making electricity flow through the ring, passing and triggering the bell that is also part of the circuit.

  1. Pick up the iron loop.
  2. Complete the course as fast as you can.
  3. A bell will ring when you touch materials that conduct electricity and you have to start again.

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