Telephone - 07.05

This exhibit illustrates how the telephone works, and how electricity and magnetism are used to operate it.

The discovery of electricity was revolutionary and essential for the development of communication technology. By speaking into a microphone, a magnet is set in motion by the soundwaves. By moving a magnet through a coil, voltage is created and trans-ported through the closed circuit. Other magnets attached to the circuit will be set in motion and resonate the frequence of soundwaves spoken into the microphone.
A telephone is born!

  1. Speak into the microphone and see how the magnet is set in motion by the sound waves.
  2. Observe how the electrical current created by the sound-waves, travels through the circuit and makes the magnet on the opposite side move.
  3. Hear how the soundwaves have been transferred from the microphone to the loudspeaker.

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