Bee's Eyes - 09.04

Did you know that bees are not colorblind and that they can see “secret” colors that we cannot? By remote control you can steer a bee to collect pollen in flowers. The left joystick is used for forward and reverse motion, the right joystick to steer to the left and the right. The flowers have different colors and patterns then you would normally expect. A LED coun-ter shows the time it took to collect all pollen.

Honeybees and people have a visual system based upon three-colors, the limits of this color sensitivity are very different. People cannot see very far into the Violet or Ultravio-let region. Bees can see these invisible-to-us rays of light! Another interesting difference happens at the opposite end of the visible spectrum. To a honeybee, however, the color red is invisible. They see red objects as black, or the absence of color.

  1. Push the start button.
  2. Steer as quickly as possible through the optical flow trajectory.
  3. Try to catch as many flowers as possible!
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