Submarine - 05.12

This exhibit explores the sub-marine’s buoyancy system. It has a watertight pool with a scaled model submarine. In the submarine there are two ballast tanks connected to air pumps that can be controlled.

How does a submarine work? A submarine is capable of ascending and descending in the water thanks to the ship’s buoyancy system. A submarine’s buoy-ancy depends on the ships ballast tanks. If a submarine’s tanks are mainly full of air it has a positive buoyancy, meaning that it is less dense than the water around it-and will therefore float. For a submarine to submerge it must have negative buoyancy, which means that its ballast tanks are filled with a certain amount of water, making the submarine more dense than the water around it.

  1. Press the button to adjust the level of air in the submarine’s two ballast tanks.
  2. See how the submarine rises or dives into the water.
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