Air Pressure Rocket

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Why can you launch a rocket with air?

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With the ‘Air Pressure Rocket,’ you can see how much force you can generate with air and how you can use air to move an object.

When you pump air into the rocket, the air pressure inside increases. Once you release the rocket from the pump, the air can escape. Due to the high pressure, the air escapes from the rocket with great force.

Since the force of the escaping air is directed downward, the rocket is pushed upward. The action (air escaping) results in an opposite reaction (movement of the rocket).

Compressed air is used for many things. Think, for example, of hairspray coming out of a can with the help of air and inflating (bicycle) tires with compressed air. You can also use compressed air to move parts in machines.

Because air is clean, lightweight, and non-polluting, a lot of research is being done into the application of compressed air. This makes more and more applications possible.

Why can you shoot up a rocket with air?

  1. Pump air into the rocket.
  2. Press the green button to shoot the rocket away.

Technical specifications

Weight 95 kg
Dimensions 85 × 60 × 253 cm

Easy installation, Installation required


Frame: Steel | Surface: Birch plywood & solid