The adventure journey for learning and discovering new skills. Immerse yourself in the world around you, science, technology, biology and many more subject areas!

You go to school to learn, but it’s more than just books and lessons. It is also the place where you meet new friends, where you play and discover together. Education helps you grow, not just in knowledge, but also as a person. It gives you the skills to make your dreams come true and explore the world. in education introduces young people to physical phenomena and techniques, inspiring and enthusing them to make a conscious choice for an advanced (technical) education.

What could be more fun than playfully learning about aerodynamics, electricity, gravity or solar energy? We want to be that link between the (technology) teacher and the existing curriculum. How can we work together to make science and technology even more fun? By inviting young people to truly experience it!

Together with education, we want to work on beautiful (interactive) applicable teaching material.