Branches rental concept is for anyone who wants to amaze young and old with the basics of everyday technology and science. Not from books or online, but with experience.

Through the online world, knowledge is at your fingertips. We quickly find the answer to a ‘why question’, but understanding what we see happening goes beyond that. goes back to the curiosity in us as children. The playfulness within us to seek out wonder. Or accepting the challenge of wanting to learn to understand for ourselves what we see happening around us, on various levels. Finding an answer independently gives a positive feeling. You remember it longer and it creates awareness about the learning goal.

“We believe that when you understand the world more clearly, you treat it more consciously.”

Science center

Science Centres aim to make science and technology understandable for young & old. In an environment full of interactivity, visitors are introduced to physical phenomena. While playing, visitors make connections and make new discoveries based on their own interests.


A great treasure trove where you learn and be inspired about history, science, art and other social topics.

Visiting a museum is like travelling back in time. You can just walk through the exhibition spaces and marvel at all the wonderful collection on display!


The adventure journey for learning and discovering new skills. Immerse yourself in the world around you, science, technology, biology and many more subject areas!

You go to school to learn, but it’s more than just books and lessons. It is also the place where you meet new friends, where you play and discover together. Education helps you grow, not just in knowledge, but also as a person. It gives you the skills to make your dreams come true and explore the world.

Manufacturing industry

New solutions are created by experimenting, coloring outside the lines and pioneering. As a company, you want to appeal to this target group. This can be done through technology events, open days or by setting up a technology program together with education.

Children and students literally get a glimpse in the high-tech kitchen of the company. You see, experience and witness how technology contributes to our daily lives. By bringing technology closer to the public, arousing wonder and creating interest, you encourage the younger generation to choose technical courses and professions.