About us

With Exhibits.nl, aim to embrace the inquisitive attitude and playful spirit that resides within each of us. Every day, we encounter science and technology in various ways. However, as we grow older, the world often begins to feel routine. We take for granted how we board a plane, how leaves fall from trees, or how we propel forward while cycling.


Exhibits.nl seeks to explore the ‘why question’ on multiple levels. Through our exhibits, youngsters aged 8 to 14 are introduced to the basics of science and technology. From the age of 14, the focus shifts to understanding, independently seeking answers, and retaining that knowledge.


Exhibits.nl manages the development and production of its exhibits in-house, taking total responsibility from design to recycling. When the rental period ends, the exhibits are taken back, serviced and maintained to be offered again.

The exhibits are robustly designed for a long service life. Once their lifecycle ends, materials are either reused or reintegrated into our suppliers’ production processes, ensuring a closed-loop system.

Not only through the circular exhibits, but also as a producer, we want to leave the world a good state for the next generation. For instance, we have sustainably renovated our historic business premises, the national monument De Ploeg, designed by architect Gerrit Rietveld.

Family business

We are part of the Bruns family business, a producer and developer of (interactive) exhibitions worldwide since 1963. Our company comprises over 100 employees, all driven by a passion to better understand the world. Translating social and technological narratives into visitor experiences is our forte. Since 2006, Exhibits.nl has been established, through which we showcase physical phenomena in an online catalogue.

Our location

Situated within the national monument De Ploeg, designed by architect Gerrit Rietveld, our premises are surrounded by Ploeg Park, envisioned by landscape architect Mien Ruys. Spanning over 11,000 m², our facilities include a showroom where our exhibits are displayed. Please contact us for an appointment.


We believe in transparency and accountability, reflected in our certifications. We take pride in our ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and VCA certifications. An annual external audit ensures compliance with all requirements, demonstrating our commitment to quality, environmental responsibility, and safety.