From an early age, curiosity about what we see and experience emerges around us. We deal with science and technology on a daily basis. The well known ‘why question’ arises.

Why do I move forward when I ride a bike?

Exhibits.nl zooms in deeper to go back to the experience from the child within us. Discovering with all the senses, experiencing what happens and being amazed by what you learn. Learning to understand what we see happening, helps us create awareness.


Our concept

Select the exhibits of your choice and draw up an application with no obligation!
Preparing an application on the website is easy in just five steps.

Select the desired exhibits from the online catalogue and we will contact you regarding the transportation, possible installation, and returns.


Learning through play

With our exhibits, young people learn about concepts such as aerodynamics, electricity, gravity, or solar energy in a playful way. We aim to motivate the younger generation to step away from screens and ignite their curiosity. Explore, Experience, Excite!

Fully catered for a fixed monthly fee

The exhibits are available for rent for a fixed fee of €300,- per month, excluding transportation and (possible) installation costs. Many of the exhibits are plug & play, meaning no installation is required, and the exhibit is delivered ready to plug in. You can also choose to rent the exhibit(s) for just 1 day or 1 week, offering you full flexibility!

Continuous and infinite innovation

The rental concept offers the opportunity for continuous and infinite innovation. This allows quick adaption to current themes, learning objectives or societal issues. It also provides the opportunity to fill temporary exhibition spaces for a certain period of the year. Organizing traveling exhibitions in collaboration with multiple institutions is also possible.

Contribution to the circular economy

All exhibits will be taken back, checked and maintained after the rental period to be offered again through our online catalogue. The exhibits are robustly designed for long life spans. At the end of their life cycle, materials are reused or returned to our suppliers' production processes. This ensures that the circular chain remains closed.