Manufacturing industry

Introducing visitors to technology in the manufacturing industry.

New solutions are created by experimenting, coloring outside the lines and pioneering. As a company, you want to appeal to this target group. This can be done through technology events, open days or by setting up a technology program together with education.

Children and students literally get a glimpse in the high-tech kitchen of the company. You see, experience and witness how technology contributes to our daily lives.
By bringing technology closer to the public, arousing wonder and creating interest, you encourage the younger generation to choose technical courses and professions. in manufacturing industry contributes to telling and understanding your story. Looking for interactivity during an open day, for example? We can place a number of interactive exhibits where the new employees of the future experience technology and science.

But not only that; they also learn the basics of engineering.

Why do gears set a machine in motion? Why are solar panels often installed on roofs?