Bernoulli Blower

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Why does the ball float in the air?

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The physical principle behind the ‘Bernoulli Blower’ is the Bernoulli effect: In a flowing liquid or gas, the pressure decreases as the speed increases and vice versa.

With the ‘Bernoulli Blower’, a strong stream of air blows upwards from below. When the ball enters this airflow, the speed of the air around the ball increases, which lowers the pressure around the ball. This keeps the ball in the airstream and prevents it from shooting away.

Companies use the Bernoulli effect in various applications, for example in designing aircraft wings to ensure that planes stay in the air. In cars, it is used to improve aerodynamics and in ventilation systems to move air efficiently.

In sports like golf and tennis, the Bernouilli effect is used in the design of balls and rackets to optimise airflow and improve performance.

Why does the ball float in the air?

  1. Press the green button to start the airflow.
  2. Move the tube up and down and keep the ball in the air!

Technical specifications

Weight 91 kg
Dimensions 82 × 65 × 140 cm

Easy installation, Plug & Play


Frame: Steel | Surface: Birch plywood & solid