Ferro Fluids

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Why can a printer apply ink to paper in the right place?

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Ferrofluid is a liquid that contains very fine magnetic particles, making it highly responsive to magnetic fields.

In this exhibit, you can observe how ferrofluid reacts to a magnetic field. When you hold a magnet close to the fluid, the magnetic particles align along the lines of the magnetic field, causing the fluid to change shape and form peaks and valleys.

Ferrofluids are already used in roller coasters to dampen the shocks of carts, providing a smoother and safer ride. They are also employed in magnetic ink, such as in printers where the particles are applied to the paper in the right place using magnetic fields.

Research is being conducted on the use of ferrofluids in plastic recycling to remove unwanted substances and in medicines for targeted drug delivery.

How can you deform liquid with magnets?

  1. Take one of the magnets.
  2. Move the magnet against the bottom.
  3. What do you see?

Technical specifications

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 83 × 47 × 127 cm

Plug & Play


No power required


Clear PMMA, MDF, Stainless steel