Air Bubble Race

 300,00 -  3.600,00/ maand

Why do you see so many different types of bubbles forming?

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With the ‘Air Bubble Race,’ you get to know viscosity. Viscosity describes the ‘thickness’ of a liquid: the more viscous the substance, the higher the viscosity, and (therefore) the slower the liquid moves. In this case, the air bubbles in oil move slower than in water because the viscosity of oil is higher than that of water.

Viscosity is important in the food industry for the texture and ‘pour behavior’ of, for example, sauces and syrups. A thin sauce won’t stick well to your pasta. And a syrup that’s too thick won’t pour onto your pancake!

Automobile manufacturers take the viscosity of engine oil into account because it affects the lubrication and fuel consumption of vehicles.

Research into viscosity is important for the development of food and medicines. It is also crucial for the development of more efficient conversions in machines and for more efficient transport in pipelines. Think of pipelines where liquids need to flow as easily as possible.

Where do the bubbles rise the fastest?

  1. Pump with your foot.
  2. Watch how fast the air bubbles rise.
  3. In which tube do the bubbles rise the fastest?


Technical specifications

Weight 125 kg
Dimensions 85 × 60 × 172 cm

Plug & Play


Frame: Steel | Surface: Birch plywood & solid