Coriolis Effect

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Why can the rotation of the Earth influence the weather?

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The rotation of the Earth can influence the weather due to the Coriolis effect. The Earth is divided into a northern and southern hemisphere, with the equator marking the midpoint. The circumference of the Earth around the equator is larger than around the poles. As the Earth rotates once on its axis in 24 hours, the rotational speed near the equator is much higher than at other latitudes. This phenomenon is known as the Coriolis effect.

Air currents moving from the equator towards the poles, or vice versa, do not travel in a straight line but deflect. As a result, hurricanes that form in the northern hemisphere rotate counterclockwise, while those in the southern hemisphere rotate clockwise.

Even pilots need to consider the Coriolis effect on long-distance flights. Because of the deflection of air currents, they don’t fly in a straight line, requiring constant course adjustments to reach the destination accurately.

Research on the Coriolis force aids in developing strategies to address climate change.

How can the rotation of the Earth affect the weather?

  1. Turn the disc.
  2. See what happens to the liquid in the globe.

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