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How does a tornado form?

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In this exhibit, you explore how a tornado forms. Air is forcefully expelled in a certain direction, eventually creating a visible rotating airflow.

In reality, tornadoes form as warm air rises. The Earth’s rotation causes this rising air to acquire a spinning motion – the Coriolis effect. This results in a tornado.

Understanding the formation of tornadoes aids meteorologists in predicting them, allowing people to seek safety earlier.

Aircraft designers consider tornadoes generated by wings, especially during takeoff and landing.

In the future, this knowledge could enhance the efficiency of wind turbines and increase wind energy generation.

How does a tornado form?

  1. Press the button.
  2. Observe how the tornado forms.
  3. What happens when you disrupt the tornado with your hands?

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Dimensions 141 × 141 × 248 cm

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RVS, Stainless steel