Gear Wheel Game

 300,00 -  3.600,00/ maand

Why do I move forward when I cycle?

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The physical principle behind gears revolves around the transmission and conversion of forces and movement between different parts of a mechanism. In many machines and devices, gears transmit movements

The gears on your bike make it easier for you to cycle up the mountain. In a food processor, gears make the mixer rotate.

In many cars and bikes, gears drive the gears. In machines and robots, gears provide various functions such as: transmission of force, acceleration and deceleration, direction change and accuracy/control.

How do you go fastest?

  1. Push and pull the black buttons forwards and backwards so that the small and large gears engage.
  2. Turn the wheel to make the hare and turtle spin.

Why is the tortoise sometimes faster than the hare?

Technical specifications

Weight 103 kg
Dimensions 85 × 60 × 155 cm

Plug & Play


No power required


Frame: Steel | Surface: Birch plywood & solid