Rotating Disk

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Why do spinning objects remain stable on a rotating disk and not fall over?

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Have you ever dropped a lid on the ground? It spins for a moment and then falls over. But if you place that same lid—at the right speed and direction—on a rotating disk, it doesn’t fall over.

This is due to centrifugal force. The shape, mass distribution, speed, and direction determine how the spinning object behaves on a rotating disk. In this exhibit, you can experiment with these variables to see their effects.

Companies and organizations also use the principle of centrifugal force. In laboratories, centrifuges separate particles based on density. This allows you to separate red and white blood cells, and also purify water.

Understanding and applying this principle can help develop more efficient and safer technologies. For example, road designers take centrifugal force into account when designing curves. That’s why you need to slow down in a sharp turn.

Which disc runs fastest?

  1. Press the green button and let the big disc spin.
  2. Take a disc.
  3. Roll this onto the plate so that it stays put.

Technical specifications

Weight 93 kg
Dimensions 87 × 104 × 75 cm

Plug & Play


RVS, Stainless steel


No power required