Light Table

 300,00 -  3.600,00/ maand

Why does light from a laser beam bend when passing through an object?

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Light possesses the unique property of changing direction when it transitions from one medium to another, such as from air to plastic. This principle is called refraction and is significant within physics, being widely applied in technology and science.

Converging lenses are lenses that bend light rays towards a single point. These lenses are used in devices like magnifying glasses, telescopes, and camera lenses. Diverging lenses, which spread out light rays, are used, for example, in glasses for nearsightedness correction.

Moreover, refraction is also utilized in modern fiber optic technology, enabling high-speed internet connections, and in the development of solar panels.

How can you control light?

  1. Press the button to turn on the light.
  2. Use the shapes to direct the light rays.


Technical specifications

Weight 105 kg
Dimensions 100 × 175 × 75 cm

Plug & Play


Frame: Steel | Surface: Birch plywood & solid