Air Cannon

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Why do you hear a loud bang when a jet surpasses the speed of sound?

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The ‘Air Cannon’ demonstrates how air pressure works. When you strike the air cannon, a large amount of air is rapidly pushed through an opening. This creates a powerful air wave, which we can see as motion and feel as a sudden wind.

This air wave can be heard when a jet passes by: if the jet is traveling faster than the speed of sound, the sound waves accumulate in the air. When they reach you, you hear all that sound at once: a sonic boom!

At parties and festivals, the power of an air wave is also utilized when, for example, confetti is showered over the crowd. In trains and buses, doors can open and close using air pressure. This is called ‘pneumatics’ and is also frequently applied in technical toys to move components.

How does sound travel?

  1. Aim the air cannon at the wall.
  2. Tap your hand against the back of the air cannon.
  3. Observe the metal plates on the wall carefully.


Technical specifications

Weight 95 kg
Dimensions 320 × 200 × 100 cm

Plug & Play


Mount on existing wall


MDF, PVC, Stainless steel

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