Split Mirror

 300,00 -  3.600,00/ maand

Why do siblings often resemble each other?

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In this exhibit, you can simultaneously see yourself and another person through the alternating mirrored and transparent strips. Essentially, you observe a ‘shared face’.

This setup allows you to closely examine how much you resemble someone else: do your ‘half faces’ fit well together to form a new face? How do one person’s eyes appear in the face of the other?

The simple design of the exhibit encourages experimentation. You can quickly blend your face with many others, exploring whether you resemble your family members and whether your face matches well with that of your friends.

The principle of this exhibit is also used in various social media apps. In these apps, certain parts of your face can be replaced by others, allowing you to see how certain features do or do not suit you.

How do you both look together?

  1. Stand on each side of the mirror.
  2. Look at each other in the mirror.
  3. What do you see?


Technical specifications

Weight 85 kg
Dimensions 105 × 80 × 202 cm

Plug & Play


Frame: Steel | Surface: Birch plywood & solid


No power required