Wind Tunnel

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Why can an airplane fly?

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At the ‘Wind Tunnel,’ it’s about aerodynamics and the design of aircraft wings. This exhibit demonstrates how different wing shapes react to airflow in a wind tunnel.

The shape of a wing is designed so that the air moves faster over the top of the wing than underneath it. This creates higher pressure underneath, resulting in ‘lift,’ which pushes the airplane upward by the force of air.

This was discovered by Bernoulli. It is applied in designing airplanes, drones, and satellites, but also in designing cars. It is used to reduce air resistance and consume less energy.

When designing wind turbine blades, Bernoulli’s principle is important to ensure that the blades have the right shape to generate as much energy as possible.

Why can an airplane fly? 

  1. Grab one of the wings.
  2. Put your hand inside.
  3. Turn on the air.
  4. Hold the wing in the wind.

Technical specifications

Weight 290 kg
Dimensions 220 × 55 × 110 cm

Plug & Play


Stainless steel