Cherish the oyster!

Our exhibit ‘Do the Waves’ has been rented to the Museon-Omniversum in The Hague and is part of the story about the oyster in the existing exhibition on biomimicry; how designers are inspired by and for nature.

Oysters are super animals. Per day, one oyster filters as much as 200 litres of seawater. In addition, they like to sit together. Such a place is called an oyster reef. Plants and fish like to live there. Because oyster reefs break the waves, they also help defend our coast. Designer Anna Vroegindewij has devised an ‘oyster nursery’ in which oysters can grow safely. This ‘Oyster Spot’ is made of and for oysters!

Anna’s design is recreated through the exhibit ‘Do the Waves’. A miniature version of the ‘oyster chamber’ is attached in the tank. When you make a few big waves with the exhibit, you will see the effect of the ‘Oyster Spot’.

Discover the work of the oyster, make a few hefty waves or listen to Anna on the screen behind you!

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