Successful exhibit test with children

On Saturday 24 June, the children’s event took place. was part of the programme this day. In the morning, a comprehensive test started with children under the guidance of Company in the Classroom. The exhibits were then made available to play with throughout the day.

The children were left free to try out the exhibits. All the exhibits were provided in advance with different ways of conveying information about the scientific phenomenon the exhibit explains. Martha Hoebens and Anouk Timmers from Company ‘Bedrijf in de klas’  immediately started the observation.

How do children interact with the exhibits? What do they want to know? When do you see the amazement and do the children understand what they see?

After the children had finished playing, they were briefly questioned about their experiences. For us, a very valuable day with a successful target group test!

We will use the findings from the test to take the exhibits to the next level in terms of alignment with the target group and applicability for our customers. So that renting the exhibit is perfectly in line with the goal: to let the young generation playfully discover the answer to life’s everyday ‘why’ questions, so that they have a better understanding of the world.

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