The Same or Different

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Why does one wheel roll faster than the other?

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With this exhibit, you can see how two wheels that are very similar still get different speeds on a slope.T This is due to various factors. One of the characteristics of a wheel that affects that speed is its mass distribution.Where is the wheel heaviest? In the centre near the axle or just on the outside?

This difference in mass distribution matters in many everyday objects.Consider a tennis racket.If the racket is heavier at the handle, you have more control over it.But a racket that is heavier just at the top will give you more speed to hit the ball with.Which racket you choose depends on your personal preference.

Companies use this mass distribution a lot.In a spinning fairground attraction, for instance, this mass distribution determines how fast the carts can turn.

Researchers still do a lot of research on mass distribution. The question then often is not which mass distribution is best, but how to make a part of the structure very light but still sturdy.

Which wheel rolls the fastest?

  1. Put both wheels at the beginning of the track.
  2. Release the wheels at the same time.
  3. See what happens.

Technical specifications

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 190 × 75 × 91 cm

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No power required